Chiaroscuro ruins

Sitting on the edge of a misty lake,
a saw mill waits to be demolished.

During a recent road trip, a friend suggested a location that I might find interesting. She was right!

Together, we explored an abandoned saw mill. Rain poured down. Inside, light pierced the darkness. Outside, discarded remnants of former working lives lay at acute angles. It was a fascinating place to photograph and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity before it is destroyed.

SawMill SawMill SawMill SawMill

Below are more images from the site.

Notes: All photos shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and the XF18-55mm lens. Given the lighting, I would have loved to shoot with multiple, fast primes. However, the weather was so awful, I didn’t relish switching lenses. The XF18-55mm lens performed incredibly well and held up to the very wet conditions. Better than my clothes and hat! Images processed in LR with VSCO Film 2.


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  4. Stephen McCullough

    What a great place to be able to shoot. You made the most of it. The way you compose makes me curious about the place, and I get a sense of what it must have been like when it was busy. These would make nice prints…

    • Thanks Stephen!
      It was a great location to make photos. I would have loved to be able to return repeatedly and to make long exposures there, but I feel fortunate to have been taken there while it was still standing. The questions around what will happen to the land and to the village where it is located are the important issues presented by the shutting down of this mill and the countless others like it in B.C.

      As far as prints go, there is a way to order them…

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