The second roll of film has been processed and I appreciate the difference shooting with film is making in how I look at photography. More selective shooting and working over a longer period of time without the input of knowing what I have been doing. The level of anticipation is great, from the point of dropping off the film for development to picking up the negs and scans a few days later.

Well, it’s been pretty poor weather and that seems to reduce the number of tourist meandering about town, with cameras in hand. So, I was having a hard time finding suitable subject matter. I allowed myself to stray a bit off topic, just so that I could keep shooting.

The resulting shots were loosely based around “tourism,” but only very loosely.

One group who might be considered tourist, are the sailors who annually come to town to participate in the Swiftsure. In fact, the race is so targeted for non-Victorians that it is run over American memorial day long weekend. Convenient for some.

The fact is, I’m a reformed small boat sailor and shoot a lot around the water. It was no hardship to spend some time around the docks looking for “street” photos.

There weren’t many people taking their own photos. Therefore, I just shot what was interesting, which constituted mostly of shooting the preparations for the upcoming race.

Among the oversize, over-priced manifestations of ego, was one exception. On board a lovely sloop, were these two gentleman. I have no idea how they fared or even if they managed to finish. I hope that they enjoyed their race and appreciate what a wonderful thing it was to see a boat of such reasonable proportions.

I shot this roll with Neopan 400. It seems less contrasty than the Delta 400 I used for the last roll, but it was also less sunny. The next roll will be the Delta 400 again, but shot at -1/2 EV to try and hold some more of the highlights.

I have thought about the technical aspects of shooting with the rangefinder camera, although I am taking a little time to get used to how it works. I still feel slow in framing and focusing, although by shooting in aperture priority, it’s easy to meter and get a good exposure. I don’t feel like I am really shooting quickly enough. Because I am trying to capture people in the act of taking a photo I have to better anticipate when they are about to take a photo and find a proper vantage point to create an interesting composition. Ideally, I am trying to capture the shooter and their subject. More time on the street, idling around the typical tourist haunts, should improve those skills.

In the next week, I will travel to San Francisco where I hope to expand my topic (further straying?) and to shoot more street shots with the Voigtländer. The question is, will I shoot myself since I will be the tourist with a camera taking photos?

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