Roll 3: untitled

I can thoroughly understand when artist title a work, “untitled.” With over a week since I finished shooting this roll, I feel a bit removed from the process. Hence my unoriginal title to this posting. Time to get back into it…

Shooting this roll again with Delta 400, I shot at -1/2 EV to hold more detail in the highlights. I was thinking like a digital shooter with RAW files. With RAW files, I can easily bring back a stop in the highlights or shadows and if I under expose a bit to hold highlight detail, I can adjust exposure in processing the file to get the look I want.

With film, I don’t have that kind of control. That is to say, I don’t have that kind of control because I don’t develop my film. When I get the scans from my developed film, I have a jpeg image with very little room to adjust exposure to improve an image. I guess, that’s one of the points of this exercise: learn to expose correctly with the camera so that the developed film gives me the results that I want.

This piece is also called “untitled” because I saw a wonderful photography exhibit today. The View from Here is an exhibition of photographs from the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I have always been impressed with the collection at SF MoMA and this show did not disappoint.

This exhibit occupies the entire 3rd floor of the museum and is part of their 75th anniversary show, which is really a stop-gap measure while they hang their big Summer show. So, because it wasn’t really a special show, the admission was half price. Considering that I went to see the photography anyway, they have an amazing collection and it was half price, I feel very lucky.

I close with an image that is closer to the my initial intent when I started this project. Tourist taking photos in Victoria. Hopefully, I will be able to more fully explore the topic with my next roll/posting, as I should have lots of material from roaming the streets of San Francisco. And I will work on a better title, although perhaps “roll 4” will be catchy enough…

To see unrelated photos from the trip south, have a look at my “photo of the day.”