The last roll (or is that role?) for the Voigtländer? Perhaps not, but it may be put on the shelf for a little while.

Framing the family in front of the Leg.

Cruise ship, Victoria harbour.

That‘s correct. I think. With the development of this roll of film (#9), this blog is going digital. For now. This week, I am looking to acquire, through a trade, the digital version of the Bessa rangefinder that I have taken to carrying with me wherever I go.


The images in this post where all taken with the analog Bessa R2A on a Thursday. With three cruise ships in town on most Thursdays and Fridays, there are prime tourist photography opportunities available. There are also ample opportunities at the cruise ship terminal at Ogden Point, when a ship docks.

Dockside drop.

These photos where shot over a very short period of time in the afternoon and evening of the same day. If I had the time, I could have shot a number of rolls of good material. There were so many tourists in town and many of them had cameras in front of their faces or held at arm’s length, that I could shoot constantly as I meandered around the inner harbour and down Government Street.

Diego, from Argentina, gathers up the Mexican tourist.

I had a quiet chat with Diego, an Argentine tour guide, herding Mexican tourist from whale watching boats onto their next activity. With the weekend’s result going in his country’s favour, he told me that he would be looking for other employment. I hope that his Mexican co-workers can be understanding. Despite the offside goal, they weren’t going to win the game.

Fishing at the cruise ship terminal.

Whether or not there is are cruise ships, there is apparently good fishing at Ogden Point. Hmmmm, not sure I would want to eat out of this harbour.

UPDATE: I now own an Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder body, on to which, I have attached the 35mm f1.7 Voigtländer lens. I spent two days in Vancouver shooting with it and will include the photos in the next post…

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