Thursday: it never fails

It’s been a while…

Organizing the family in front of the Empress

…since posting last. Too busy with personal and work projects, but I have been using the R-D1 with both a 35mm and 50mm lens. I’m still really enjoying the camera and getting faster at framing, focusing and shooting.

Thursday is bonanza day for shooting tourist in Victoria.

With a few cruise ships in the harbour, there is no shortage of subject matter to photograph.

The front of the Empress Hotel is a prime location. Within a few minutes of standing on the sidewalk outside of the hotel, I must have fired off a dozen photos.

It’s not unusual to have multiple subjects in one shot. And, if you wait a moment, the subject and the photographer will switch places and give you another opportunity.

Another feature of the tourist trade in Victoria are the countless people employed to organize and transport the tourist around town and to local attractions. Victoria is an urban theme park for the tourist, many of whom only stay for the few hours that a cruise ship is docked.

Waiting to usher a busload to Butchart Gardens
Horse drawn carriage passing in front of the PB

Finally, fashion and body types vary widely with the tourist. Occasionally, as I walk down the street, a subject presents itself in hot pink heels (I know you can’t tell in B/W) dressed to attract attention rather than to see attractions. At times like these, there might not be time to raise the camera to eye level and you fire off a frame hoping that you caught the subject.