Spent the afternoon printing. I love printing.

Printing photos completes the creative circle. First you find your subject. Then you see how you want to capture the image. Next, you capture the image and process it so that it matches your vision. Finally, you make a print the realizes that vision. Easy, right?

Sometimes it\’s about the geometry and the light.

Well, it’s actually not “easy.” However, it is very satisfying to produce prints that match your vision. I recently purchased an Epson 3880 printer to replace my well-used 2200. Lúz Gallery in Victoria was selling them at a great price and although it felt extravagant to make the upgrade, I’m very happy that I did. Using either Ilford Gallery Gold Fibre Silk or Epson Exhibition Fibre paper, produces great black and white or colour prints. Only one of these shots was captured with my rangefinder (not hard to guess which one). The rest were shot with a Nikon D3 and a variety of lens.

Ahhhh. Printing sure feels good!

Back to working on the Victoria tourist book…

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