The perfect breakfast: membrillo, Manchego cheese and fresh bread.

Yum! Membrillo is in the house. Well, actually, it’s in the kitchen, where I took a couple of photos this morning.

They look a little like a deformed apple. People think that they are decorative pears. You can’t eat them raw. But, after a lot of time, pealing, coring, cooking and more cooking, straining and cooking some more, quince turns into one of the most delicious foods in the world.

Before and after: quince in a bowl and the resulting membrillo on the left.

My sweeties have spent countless hours gathering and cooking the ripe quince over the past couple of weeks and the result is “muy rico.!” I have a little guilt associated with enjoying this amazing treat; they have done the bulk of the work and I get to enjoy the membrillo in equal measure to them, without the hard work. Another great pleasure for me is my association with membrillo from my childhood. Always a treat and now I live with two wonderful individuals who also enjoy it and are willing make it for us.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.