New lenses

Dallas Road: kiteboarder launching on a stormy afternoon.

After selling the last of my Nikon lenses, I picked up a couple of Voigtländer lenses this week. I had been looking for either a 90mm or 75mm lens for portraits and close up work.

Not only did I find a very nice 90mm in great condition, but I also picked up a fast 28mm as well. The image above was shot with the 28mm Ultron on the R-D1. This gives me a 42mm angle of view; about as wide as you can get with the R-D1 without an external viewfinder added.

Looks like the 28mm will be my walk around lens on the R-D1. The 35mm translates to a 50mm on the Epson and the 28mm is certainly close to that at 42mm, but a touch better quality then the 35mm Ultron and a good size for street photography. And, it gives a wider option for the M9, if I ever need it. I’m thinking that for an upcoming group portrait (over 35 people) it might be just the thing.

As for the 90mm…

Quince in the late afternoon light. 90mm f3.5 APO-Lanthar

Although I haven’t shot a portrait with the new 90mm, I did shoot this still life on my M9 in natural light. With the longer focal length, shooting at f4 provides a very shallow depth of field. This is shot at f8, which keeps most of the quince in focus. I look forward to doing a portrait this week with the 90mm and the 50mm Summilux.