Tuesday saw the Finance Minister Kevin Falcon delivering the 2012 Budget to media and stakeholders, before tabling it in the Legislative Assembly.

Minister Kevin Falcon delivery the 2012 Budget to the media. M9 | 28mm Ultron

I have been photographing the Budget “lockup” for a number of years, using a variety of equipment. This time I shot most of the event with a D700 and 70-200 f2.8 lens, however I did use the M9 with a 28mm or 35mm lens for wide shots. This is one of my favourite shots made with the 28mm Ultron.

At the convention centre, the lighting is fairly low which means that lenses have to be fast and the camera must shoot effectively at high ISO. The D700 shooting at f2.8 delivers great results up to ISO 3200. With the M9, I tend to keep the ISO at 1000 or lower and rely upon being able to shoot the Summicron or Ultron at f2.

While I was taking a similar shot later in the day with the 35mm Summicron, on the other side of the stage, Times Colonist photographer Adrian Lam captured this photo of me.


I wish I had a longer lens option with the rangefinder so that I could ditch the DSLR, but I’m happy that I can still use the M9 for wide shots. And thanks to Adrian for the shot of me working, although I look like a stalker!

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