Worked in Vancouver last week. I was there to shoot an event, but that’s not what this post is about. Instead, this is about getting there and back. I flew over on a float plane (sea plane for those of you south of my border).

Landing. Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

An M9 and the 35mm Summicron: it’s a great combination for photography from a plane window.

Taking the float plane or the helicopter is definitely the best way to travel between Victoria and Vancouver. Not only is it fast, the flight can provide a great photography opportunity. I have shot from the plane in the past with a variety of cameras, but this is the first time I have used the Leica M9 (coupled with the 35mm Summicron).

Cityscape 2. Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

The day started out drenched in rain and the photography prospects looked bleak. Things didn’t look like improving when I boarded a flight with two pilots: no co-pilot seat for me. Then, I was slow to get in line to board, so I missed what I thought would be the best seat on the way to Vancouver. On the return flight, I was even slower to get on board, but did manage to snag what turned out to be a really good photography seat.

Approaching. Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

Most of these shots weren’t framed through the viewfinder as I was holding the camera toward the back of the plane at an angle that would reduce window reflections. I shot at a fast shutter speed to help compensate for the very rough ride and hoped for the best. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I started editing.

Cityscape 1. Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron

Looking forward to the next flight over with the M9 and the 35mm Summicron. It’s a great combination for photography from a plane window!

Takeoff. Leica M9 | 35mm Summicron


    1. Thanks Trevor. I actually framed that one! I had better sight lines arriving than I did departing. So, glad that you like it and happy that I made it intentionally!

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