SFO pics

Chronicles of a trip to San Francisco and Marin County for family, art and some photography.

Day 07:

14:20 Uhr

SF skyline 1

SFO skyline 2

Day 06:

China Camp morning 1

China Camp morning 2

Day 05:

China Camp 4

China Camp 3

China Camp 2

China Camp 1

More long exposures

Cutest niece ever

Day 04:

Juanita and George


Skate shadow

Post card


Day 03:

Sutro bath alternate

Sutro bath morning



RA at Blue Bottle

Sculpture garden

Day 02:

Bay Bridge sunrise

SF Bay

Bow and arrow

Sister shadows

Day 01:

2 min.s, f8, 18mm
2 min.s, f8, 18mm


Blue bar


  1. Enjoyed the series! As a Bay Area resident – and having been in love with the city for 30 some-odd years – I really enjoyed these and nodded approval several times as I scrolled through. The shots at Sutro baths, those of the Ferry Building/Embarcadero and of the derelict boat on the shore were my favorites. Well done!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to look at the photos and to comment. I really enjoy returning to the Bay Area to visit my family, absorb art and to shoot.

      1. You’re welcome. I also shoot with the X Pro 1 and have dabbled with a 10 stop ND filter with some limited success. I see I have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing.

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