Street Colour: yellow pants

It’s been a grey few weeks. Grey skies, when it’s not raining. Grey suits. I just shot nine work events in seven days, where nearly everyone wears a grey suit of some variation. And it seems that nearly everyone is wearing grey or black (really dark grey) on the street.

Street Colour: purple cupcake

Street Colour: red stool

So, as a bit of personal therapy, I took the Fuji X-100 out on the street at lunchtime and was happily surprised to see colour sprouting amongst the endless grey. People must be getting very tired of the grey too and they are reacting like early season flowers, budding with bright colours.

Street Colour: yellow jacket

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I wore my hot pink coat and my hot pink/orange scarf today. Too bad I didn’t run into you and you camera.

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