End of the day: Sidney waterfront

Long exposures shot with the XF18-55mm lens

After having given the Fujinon medium zoom lens a mixed review, in all fairness, I must say what a great lens it has proven to be for long exposures.

Sidney Pier

Sidney Pier

Sidney Pier

Now, when I head out with my tripod and X-Pr01 to shoot long exposures, the lens that I pick up is the XF18-55mm. The multiple focal lengths is a real plus for getting the best framing and the lack of a large aperture is never a problem.

If you want to read more about the lens in use and to see much better samples than in my previous post, see Patrick la Roque’s post.

And, a couple of additional images from the evening.

Under the pier

8 pilings 1 seagull

Sidney Pier

NOTE: I was asked in a comment about which cable release I use. Here is an iPhone photo of my setup. Simple, screw in cable release works great on the Fuji X cameras.



  1. When using the X-pro 1 for long exposures, do u find that the cable shutter release can cause camera shake? If not, what cable release do u recommend?

    1. The simplest, screw in cable release is what I use. I love it. A nice feature of the XP1 is the timer that is displayed on the LCD screen when you shoot in Bulb mode. It makes for a nice combination of low and high technology.

      And to answer your first question, the cable release does not induce camera shake. It is about as foolproof a method to trigger the shutter and has been used on cameras for a long time. Just be sure to get one that is long enough to hang down from the camera. That way it can be tucked between tripod legs, out of the way during the exposure.

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