2x. Posing.

Tourist exposed (twice) with a Fujifilm X100s.

Tourists 2X-PosedThey pose. For each other. Not intentionally for me.

Tourists 2X-PosedThey linger. As they take in the sights. Sometimes. Long enough to appear. Twice.

Tourists 2X-PosedThey pose for each other. Never for me.

Tourists 2X-PosedThey become part of the sights. They have seen.

Tourists 2X-PosedIn a way. Unseen by them.

Tourists 2X-PosedTourists. Exposed. Twice.

Tourists 2X-Posed

More double exposure photography…

Notes: Double exposures were captured in-camera with the Fujifilm X100s. Much like a film camera, the X-cameras allow one to create double exposures, two exposures in one frame. They are not combined later in camera or desktop software. These images were converted to black and white using Lightroom 4.4 and VSCO Film 02.


  1. Love these! Reveals the tourist as subject and subjectivist, conscious only of their own knowledge of what they experience, therefore they dominate the sights they came to see, which you so adeptly capture in these photographs by “exposing them twice” against phantom buildings, monuments, and yacht harbors. It’s time to publish a book!

  2. Is double exposure something you can do in-camera? I have the X-100, but don’t see how that can work. I used to do it with my Brownie Hawkeye all the time, though not on purpose. I like your images; very nice.

    1. You can only make double exposures, intentionally or not, in camera with the X100s, XP1 and XE1. Unfortunately not with the X100. It is one of the reasons I upgraded to the S. The 16 megapixel X-trans sensor and very, very good AF also helped convince me.

      Now, the X100s feels and shoots like a Leica with a fixed 35mm summicron. It is brilliant!

      Thanks for your praise too. I enjoy the process of making these images. I think a lot about how and what I am doing during the shooting and make happy discoveries later when I see them large on screen.

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