Ogden Point breakwater is a visual symbol for Victoria. At least for me. I have spent hours on and around the breakwater, many of those spent with camera in hand. A quick click through this blog will testify to the number of photos I have made there.

OgdenPointMultipleExposureRecently, the harbour authority decided that to increase safety, railings would be installed on the breakwater. Initially, I wasn’t thrilled by the idea. First of all, I was unhappy about ruining the austere and functional beauty of the breakwater, particularly for long exposure photography.

Ogden Point Long ExposureBy comparison, I find the new look cluttered and the shiny railings make for more difficult exposures.

OgdenPointMultipleExposureThat said, it’s not the worse thing that could have happened and I will return often to document the locals and the tourists.

OgdenPointMultipleExposureAnd I will continue to explore the dynamic of the breakwater, the people who use it and the views from the point.

OgdenPointMultipleExposure OgdenPointMultipleExposure

Notes: All photos shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1. Multiple exposures made in-camera using the XF18-55 lens. The long exposure was shot with the XF18mm lens. Photos processed in Lightroom 4.4.
Additional long exposures and multiple exposures.
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