Street walking in Vancouver

I spent the afternoon shooting an event in Vancouver yesterday. After carrying around two DSLR bodies with massive lenses all day, I had time for a late night stroll through the city observing with just my X100s.


Along the way, I enjoyed how the changing light shaped what I saw and how I shot it.

NightWalkInYVRA Bhangra festival behind the Art Gallery featured a headline act from an unlikely, exotic location. Finland! That’s right. Finland. And the band performed in Finnish, which to my non-Indo ear sounded good. Anyway, people of all colours and backgrounds seemed to be pretty happy with the whole thing.

NightWalkInYVRAs I continued my walk, in my search of late night dinner, I enjoyed the changing lighting conditions. The available light no longer did a very good job of illuminating passersby. Instead, it created compelling silhouettes in front of store windows and inside of galleries.

NightWalkInYVR NightWalkInYVRNightWalkInYVRI ended the evening crossing the Burrard Street Bridge, where there was just enough light to give definition to English Bay.


Notes: all images shot with the Fujifilm X100s, processed in Lightroom 4.4 with VSCO Film 02.