And one roll of film


Last week, I noticed that there are now over 500 of you who follow this blog, either through WordPress or via email notification. So, how did that happen?

When I started the exploration of rangefinder photography and this blog, the posts were filled with photos shot on film. Really, they were. As is clear from all of my recent posts, that is no longer the case. Except for today’s post.


These photos were shot with a Rollei 35 T given to me by a friend. Somehow, it seemed appropriate to commemorate this anniversary of sorts by shooting with film. At least for this one post.


One of the reasons I started my search for a digital RF camera was that I don’t have a film workflow. I love shooting with the cameras, but dislike the lack of control since I don’t develop my own film. And, as I used my own cameras more and more for work, I needed to have a quick turnaround on images. Very quick. Therefore, the switch to digital made sense and I don’t really miss shooting with film except for the way it slows me down. As I return to shooting digitally, I will attempt to slow down, shoot less and save myself some time in editing.


Also, I want to thank all of you for following this blog, reading the posts and making comments. It is appreciated.

Notes: photos shot with Rollei 35 T, using Ilford HP5 Plus film.


  1. I saw somewhere the suggestion to load your digital camera with a very small SD card and shoot in raw+jpeg, so you have a limited number of frames for the day or the shoot, to help slow down and stop that machine-gun approach!

    1. Thanks Chris. Good suggestion.

      I would hardly classify how I shoot as a “machine-gun approach.” In fact, the longer I photograph, I seem to press the shutter release less frequently.

      Of course, for work, there is no getting away from needing to, well, get the shot. And, there may not be a way of knowing if that shot was the fifth frame or the fiftieth. When shooting personal stuff, I might walk around for an afternoon without finding anything to capture.

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