“Finding the Range” evolves…


A name and site change

When I started writing this blog, under the name “Finding the Range,” photography with rangefinder cameras was the focus. In the three plus years since the first post, my approach to photography has both become more focused and broadened. Upon reflection, it became clear that it was time for a change.

As most will know who read here regularly, I no longer shoot with what one would strictly call a rangefinder camera. Fujifilm X-cameras, share a lot of the user experience of shooting with rangefinders, but they aren’t rangefinders. This has it’s benefits, but I do miss manually focusing with a twist of the wrist on the lens. However, not so much since focus peaking has been introduced for the Xs!


During the past three years, my photography has also evolved. Late in 2009, through the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I travelled around the province following the Torch Relay, camera in hand. This was effectively the beginning of my career as a government photographer. Since then, and the starting of this blog, photography has become a major component of my work life, with design frequently relegated to a minor portion. That has been a great change and has allowed me to explore a variety of photo opportunities as well as equipment.

At the same time, I have produced more freelance work and taught numerous workshops in Lightroom and, most recently, for long exposures. Also, my personal photography has broadened, with a greater focus on a few areas.

ProdigalReturnPlumPickingPlumPicking PlumPicking

So, with the changes in my personal and work photography, I decided it was time to consolidate my blog and portfolio galleries into one site and to update the name. I believe it will prove to be easier for me to maintain, without letting my portfolio languish, as it has recently. I have plans to expand the content on the site, but will also continue to write posts as the photo inspiration hits. Hopefully, the evolution will continue and that it will still be worth a read.

All the best,

Notes: photos in this post from a recent expedition to pick plums in the neighbourhood commons and the return of the not-so-prodigal daughter, shot with the Fujifilm X100s. Olympic Flame Lighting shot with Nikon D3 and 50mm f/1.8 lens (which saved my night, because I forgot batteries for the flash!).


  1. Your photographic evolution has provided so many wonderful thought provoking and enjoyable moments. I am happy you took time to pause and reflect, and I look forward to following the continuation of your journey on your redesigned site. By the way great photo of the world traveler whose own journey of self discovery is captured in this photograph; reflected in her stance and gaze is not only her new relationship with herself and family, but a new connection with the world, more conversant and more intimate.

    1. Thanks Robin. Written by someone who has travelled and seen a lot. I am jealous and happy for both of you who have travelled so much and so far.

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