Ah. It’s long exposure time again.

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Early morning light

f/11 | 180 seconds

…and later in the day.

f/16 | 340 seconds
f/10 | 125 seconds
f/10 | 125 seconds

The days are growing shorter and blue skies are giving way to clouds and some rain. It’s time to dust off the neutral density filters and grab the tripod for some morning and evening shooting. All of this is great timing, as I have missed having these opportunities. Also, I will be teaching a LE workshop in October (more details to follow).

Notes: Long Exposure photos captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with the XF 18-55mm lens. Colour images processed in LR with VSCO Film 4 and black-and-white photo processed with SEP 2 by way of LR. My position for each photo was only a few metres apart, but the tide had come in by the later shot.

More long exposures…

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