A tourist in my hometown

Shooting with the Fujifilm X20

A quick word about the X20

A week before I received my X20, I ran into a local photojournalist with whom I work on occasion. We started talking camera gear, as we often do, and he mentioned that he was leaving for a month-long holiday to Ireland and the only camera he was taking was the Fujifilm X20. This said a lot to me about the quality of the camera and the images it produces, if a seasoned pro was only taking this compact with him on holiday. It made me even more interested in seeing what this little camera could do.

When I received the X20, I decided that I would also take a photography “holiday,” in my hometown. For a week, I only carried the X20 with me, as I tried to look at Victoria with fresh eyes. The exercise proved interesting as I learned how to shoot with the new camera and it was also fun.

The X20 is very capable, capturing great images in difficult lighting conditions, as well as producing beautiful out-of-camera pictures. The relatively large sensor, the ability to shoot RAW, an optical viewfinder and the easily accessed manual controls are some of the strengths of the camera. I love zooming in and out at the lens and you can shoot double exposures with it. Double bonus.

The combination of small size, manual controls and sensor size, make the X20 an exceptional street camera. Due to the effects of sensor size on depth of field when shooting with a wide angle of view, versus the larger sensor found on the X100s, for instance, you will understand why this camera works well as a street shooter. Hint: you will have much more of your scene in focus.

With a camera of this size and weight, it’s easy to insure that I always have it with me. I can well imagine traveling to far-off lands, not just different neighbourhoods, with only the X20.

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