Rainy day

After a long project, an afternoon spent in the drizzle and low, northern light…

…and one, red rose in the window.

Notes: Northern light photos captured with the Fujiflm X-Pro 1 and Zeiss Sonnar 135mm lens. Window rose captured with the XP1 and XF35mm lens.


    1. Thanks Cyler,

      I didn’t have anything to protect the camera. I just try to carry it in such a way to minimize rain hitting the camera and lens. The Sonnar has the coolest integrated lens hood that slides out from the body of the lens. I also attempted to shoot in the direction the rain was blowing, not against it. Today wasn’t too wet, mostly drizzle. However, I have shot with the XP1 and XF18-55mm in a real downpour with no protection and no ill effects. I just left the zoom extended and lens cap off, once I was inside, so that the moisture on the lens barrel could dry off.

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