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Firmware 2.0 update for Fujifilm X-E2

This past week, I received an advanced copy of the upgraded firmware for my X-E2. In effect, the changes add many of the features found on the X-T1. This was great timing for me, as I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday, and some of the changes would be very welcome shooting the event.

First of all, here are the changes to the firmware that was just released:

  1. Enhanced EVF (Similar to X-T1)
    –  The firmware will shorten the display lag for the X-E2’s Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) to less than 1/10 compared to that of the current firmware.
    –   The high frame rate of the viewfinder will be maintained even in low light conditions.
    –  This will make the EVF similar in performance to the Fujifilm X-T1.
  2. Selectable colours for outlines for Focus Peak Highlight
    –  The firmware allows users to select Blue or Red in addition to the current White to highlight the areas of strong contrast.
  3. Added new functions that can be assigned to the Fn (Function) button
    –   “FACE DETECTION” and “EVF/LCD SETTING” functions have been added to a list of Functions available to be assigned via any of the FN buttons.
  4. EVF/LCD SETTING options changed (Similar to X-T1)
    – There are now four modes under the EVF/LCD Setting (This will make the X-E2 EVF/LCD settings behave exactly like the X-T1)
    • “EYE SENSOR MODE” (automatically switching the EVF and LCD displays when the user’s eye comes close to the viewfinder)
    • “EVF ONLY”
    • “LCD ONLY”
    • “EVF ONLY + EYE SENSOR”. (NEW Operation)
  5. Added “Suppressed Flash” option when selecting flash mode.
    –  Option is now available under the flash option.
  6. Fixed issue with FILM SIMULATION Bracketing
    –   The third picture is recorded as “ASTIA” although the third picture is set to “PRO Neg. Hi”.

All of these are welcome additions. However, the clear favourite for me is number 3 and specifically the ability to access EVF/LCD settings without having to go into the menus. I really miss having a view mode button on the X-E2, and, along with my X-photographer colleagues, called for a fix to the omission. To Fujifilm’s credit, they listened to our complaints and included it again on the X-T1. With the new FW, I have assigned my Fn2 button to act as my view mode button. Functional happiness abounds.

The enhanced EVF is also welcome and I noticed a real difference shooting inside this past weekend. The EVF on the X-E2 was virtually identical in performance to that on the X-T1, which I was also using. Once the sun set, the lights turned down and the dancing started, I could still see well enough through the EVF to determine if I had the shots in focus. No mean feat.

Clearly, some of these items in the firmware update are fixing problems or bugs that should be fixed. And the company that fixes bugs in their software or firmware is only doing what they should be doing and don’t deserve any special commendation for fixing a problem. If they fail to fix the problem or are slow to respond, they deserve to be called out for that. As with previous firmware updates for the X-cameras, most of the updates are in response to customer requests and in keeping with a commendable company policy at Fujifilm. That is to keep older models as up-to-date as new models.

Of additional interest was how much I relied upon AF for shooting this event. And, the AF was fast and accurate on both the X-E2 and X-T1. Not my preferred way to work, but really, really nice to have the confidence to use AF when I need to!

Within a week of each other, a once-great camera manufacturer announces a new, overpriced camera that promises to be the “essence” of that company, and Fujfilm releases another firmware update for an existing camera that provides numerous improvements to an already great camera. Whatever reason Fujifilm has for responding to customer requests and complaints, the end result is that the company continues to improve their products and customers receive better and better products, without having to pay for an upgrade. I think I know which of these is the true essence of customer service.

Wedding photos created with the Fujifilm X-T1 and X-E2 and four Fujinon XF prime lenses. Portrait of Jenn and Paul made with the Fujifilm X100s.

Download Firmware 2.0


  1. Great article Don! Love how you ended it. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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