It’s not always so provincial

Outtakes from a day at work


As a photographer for the Provincial Government of B.C., I am asked to shoot portraits, presentations, and stock-type images that are used for communications materials. But mostly, I shoot events. It might be a press conference, trade show, reception or a ceremony. Generally, Victoria being a provincial capital, well, everything is a bit small and provincial.

The events are rarely raucous affairs with lots of media and attendees. But occasionally, that changes.


On Thursday, the Provincial Government officially apologized to B.C.’s Chinese-Canadians for historical wrongs. I shot the official announcement in the Legislative Assembly and the public event in the Reception Hall. While everything that takes place in the L. A. is very controlled, the public event was anything but.

In fact, there were so many additional media, plus a very enthusiastic audience, that getting a few goods shots proved nearly impossible. It did make for some interesting outtakes though. It was both a challenge and a somewhat fun, but sweaty experience. Come next event, I’m sure that I won’t have to push through quite so many bodies to get a useable shot.


All photos captured with the Fujifilm X-T1 and X-E2 fronted with the XF35mm and XF18mm lenses. Post-processed with VSCO Film in LR 5.