In their shadow

Walked home the long way. Looking for interesting light. Found it by working from the dark side.

Photos captured with Fujifilm X100s. Mostly from the hip. All way under exposed, out-of-camera BW JPEGs.

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    1. Thanks Heather, I intentionally looked to avoid subject recognition by shooting from the shadow side and underexposing. I had some shots were faces where in complete sunlight, but opted not to post. I will experiment further, but know that without strong sunlight, this technique doesn’t work.

  1. “In a field
    I am the absence
    of field.
    This is
    always the case.
    Wherever I am
    I am what is missing.” Mark Strand
    Loved these. They reminded me of Mark Strand’s poem “Keeping Things Whole.” You captured the missing “I” illuminating absence, as the subjects “part the air” and “the [dark] moves in/ to fill the spaces.” Thank you for sharing!

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