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Well, not totally new. This past weekend, I attended a professional portrait workshop aimed at business, editorial and fashion photographers. As my professional portraiture is firmly in the “business” end of the spectrum, experimenting with fashion and editorial portraiture was a fun change of pace. Of course, it was also great to have studios set up with strobes and continuous lighting, as well as instruction from a knowledgeable photographer, Katie Huisman.

And, working with professional models is totally different from taking head shots of executives. So it was only a little real-world, but for a workshop setting, it makes sense to have models who don’t require a lot of direction. We weren’t allotted a lot of time with each lighting setup and were sometimes sharing the shooting with other photographers.

The workshop did reinforce how important good direction of the subject is and how weak I am at it. Time to practice…

I did manage to work in a couple of double exposures (top image) during one session and put my design skills to use to produce an album cover for one of the models (below).

Eric in the role of jazz musician and his latest Blue Note release…
Eric in the role of jazz musician and his latest Blue Note release…

Images captured with the Fujifilm X-E2 and (the totally amazing!) XF56mm lens.

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    1. Thanks Jorge. My work portraits are pretty straight-forward head shots, so it was nice to play around with angles and light, in an attempt to make a more editorial portrait. My work colleagues are now putting up with me testing new lighting scenarios on them.

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