Self-indulgent selfies with the Fujifilm X-E2

Fujifilm just released firmware updates for all of their cameras. Again!

Each time this happens, I feel like I have a new camera, or at least a better camera. Since I now only shoot with the X-E2 and X-T1, those are the two models I’m concerned with. But it’s great to know that all of the other models are also getting upgrades.

In my case, the additions to the X-E2 will bring it more in line with the X-T1. I use both bodies while shooting government assignments. When I shoot portraits, I have been using the X-T1. The main reason has been the I have been able to use the IOS Cam Remote app to test lighting, and that has only worked on the X-T1. Until now.


With firmware update 3.0, the X-E2 works with the Cam Remote app too. So, the first thing that I did, after installing the new firmware, was to set up my studio lights and shoot a lot of tests.

After establishing the baseline lighting ratios with the light meter, I shot and moved lights and shot and moved lights. And, when I had moved the lights closer or wanted to change aperture, I used the remote app to trigger a shot while I took another reading with the light meter. It worked brilliantly.

Who needs an assistant?

The inclusion of the WiFi capabilities on the X-T1, and now on the X-E2, have enabled me to experiment and refine my portrait lighting. Now, I just need to find a new model. I’m a bit tired of looking at myself for each of these tests!

New features in X-E2 Firmware 3.0

  1. AF+MF focusing
  2. Enhanced wireless function for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices
  3. New Classic Chrome Film Simulation
  4. Interval timer shooting

The other features look interesting and I will have to test them to see if I find them useful. Based upon past experience with these upgrades, I will probably be surprised on how much I like them, once I try them. Time will tell.

Download the latest firmware for the X-E2

Self-indulgent selfies captured with the Fujifilm X-E2 fronted with the always amazing XF56mm f/1.2 lens triggered with the Cam Remote app on an iPad mini.

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