Whisky night

Celebrating Robbie Burns and the art of distilling


Despite my Scottish heritage, I haven’t had much opportunity to celebrate Scottish culture. You see, my family made their way to California, where there wasn’t much of a connection to Scotland, aside from our name and an enjoyment of single-malt whisky. It wasn’t until I moved to Victoria, that I started to feel a connection to the Scots and to regularly see men in kilts.

Although I haven’t donned a kilt yet, despite my wife’s encouragement, I have started to celebrate other aspects of Scottish culture. A prime example is the whisky tasting evening at my friend Andrew’s house, scheduled each year to coincide with Robbie Burns Day. Andrew and his lovely family invite a small group of whisky fans and would-be whisky fans to their home where we get to sample whiskies from all regions of Scotland, as well as from around the world.

The evening culminates with a lot of wonderful food and the sacrifice of a haggis. There is also a little Burnsian verse recited after the whisky has been sampled. Slanj!

Photos captured with the Fujifilm X-E2 and XF35mm f1.4 lens. All images are OOC JPEGs shot at f1.4.