Life on the edge, pt. 1

Feet grounded, eyes toward the sea

I have lived much of my life near the edge. The edge of the continent, on the west coast. And if I have not been living in sight of the water, I have been close enough to spend most of my free time by the water, and sometimes on it.

Herein is a sample of what I see when I look out toward the water. Sometimes there is solitude. Sometimes there are others interacting with the salt water. It’s always glorious and a privilege to have access to our coast.

All photos captured from 2011 to 2013, from Vancouver Island south to San Francisco.


  1. Ah Don, those are great images. I am looking out over the Atlantic, can’t imagine being away from the ocean. Sometimes I think though, it is not appreciated how tricky coastal photography can be, light can be harsh and unforgiving, or as here in North Devon, dull and grey, nailing exposure is crucial, and sometimes white balance is all over the place. tripod and ND filters help a lot. Something loads of photographers still get wrong is a sloping horizon. regards Drew

    1. Drew, thanks for reading and commenting. Interesting that some of the “difficulties” in shooting around the water are less of an issue when I use mirrorless cameras. I address some of those issues in a recent post. Of course, when shooting long exposures, there is no way to know what you’ve got until after you have made the exposure and have a look at the histogram.
      Cheers, Don

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