Another day sailing aboard a classic yacht

A year ago, I had the rare pleasure of sailing onboard a beautiful sailing yacht called Unda. Originally from Denmark, by way of San Francisco, Unda, and her owners Dean and Dee Dee, returned this to this year’s Classic Boat Festival. Dee Dee contacted me before their arrival to ask if my wife and I would be available to crew again during the sailboat race held on Sunday. You can guess the answer.

This year’s race had an interesting collection of boats of varying sizes and designs. Most come from the Pacific Northwest or around the Victoria area. As the cockpit was a bit crowded and I wasn’t needed to trim the mainsail, I spent my time on the foredeck. Given the light wind conditions, I didn’t have much to do, which gave me plenty of time to make photos.

All images captured with the Fujifilm X30. Colour images are RAW files processed in Lightroom, while monochrome images are JPEGs from the camera.

The X30 was really great to take on the boat, as I was able to stuff it into my jacket pocket when I was doing something useful. The zoom range of 28mm to 112mm also worked well. I didn’t miss having a longer zoom lens on a second body.

BTW, Unda is wave in Latin (apologies for the bad title pun). To see a few more photos from the day, check out my Flickr album.

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