Elevated perspective

Sea planes and small cameras, a perfect match for aerial photography

I have the good fortune, really good fortune, to travel by float (sea) plane on a regular basis between the provincial capital, Victoria, and Vancouver. My work takes me there, most often for one-day trips. Since I am travelling to photograph an event, I always have at least one camera with me. Usually, the XT2, lenses, flash and laptop are packed into my one carry-on bag. More importantly, I carry my X-Pro2, with the (Fujicron) XF23mm f/2 attached, onto the plane to make photos as we fly over the Georgia Strait, Gulf Islands and lower Vancouver Island.

Of course, I also have my iPhone with me, but I never seem to make the type of images I am happy with when shooting with the phone. The X-Pro2 helps me see better and produce more interesting images. All of the Fujifilm X-cameras are great travel companions and will serve you well when shooting from planes or helicopters. Their small size and incredible image quality make it easy to capture great images through the plane windows.

The 23mm lens is nearly always on the X-Pro2, because it is my preferred walk-around combo. And, it’s a great lens for shooting from an elevated perspective. The angle of view is perfect for land and seascapes as well as capturing interesting interior shots.

Below are some recent images captured during my travels between Victoria and Vancouver. I look forward to adding to this collection…



NB: I may have slipped a couple of shots from other X-cameras and lenses and it’s possible a couple of these shots were made from a helicopter or even a ferry.



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