Image making on the road

Travelling often provides the opportunity to make photos. In fact, many people restrict their image making to when they travel. This is a missed opportunity; making images at home is a great way to develop your photographic vision. We don’t need to go somewhere else to make images.

That being said, a recent trip to visit family in Southern California did provide me with different light. That is what was most noticeable. The light. As the world looks more and more the same, the light might be the only thing that differentiates where I live from where I travel. In other words, going somewhere else gives me the opportunity to explore travel light.

The trip also gave me the chance to restrict my kit to a single body and three primes. You know, to travel light.

The light I encountered varied from the bright, hard daylight typical of So Cal, to grey overcast, to the reflected light available at night in a rainy urban environment.

Travel light


Museum light


This way to fun light


Neighbourhood light


Surf light

NB: All images captured with my X-Pro 2 fronted by the Fujinon XF18mm f/2, XF35mm f/2 or XF50mm f/2 lenses.

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