Flâneur’s journal

Aimless wandering with my camera

Flâneur: Personne qui flâne, ou qui aime à flâner.

I love the word Flâneur, which means someone who strolls aimlessly. A gendered (masculine) noun, there is no official feminine version (Flâneuse?) of the word. This begs a lot of questions about gender roles, doesn’t it! No matter how you identify, I encourage everyone to enjoy a little aimless strolling.

I tend to wander aimlessly with a camera in hand. No surprise there. The nice surprise for me, is that after leaving my job as government photographer, I now have more time to devote to the practice.

Of course, devoting time to a practice of aimless wandering with a camera might seem counter to the entire concept of being a Flâneur. I am comfortable with that apparent contradiction, as the strolling is very aimless and I have no control over what might appear to be photographed. And, if there is nothing to photograph, c’est la vie…

I have started a new Instagram account solely for my aimless photography. The serious stuff is still at my original account.

NB: Aimless photos captured with either a Fujifilm X100F or X-Pro3. My apologies for my poor French. Any errors are clearly my own and are not a sign of disrespect for the language or French speaking people.

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