Observational Documentation

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I am an observational documentarian, a photographer and graphic designer. 

Professional services

I document events, capture performances, create portraits, record architectural beauty and concoct savoury food images. And, I’m happy to say “yes” to nearly any photography opportunity. Please contact me to discuss your photographic needs.

Fujifilm X-Photographer

I use Fujifilm X-cameras and lenses to document life’s narrative, be it personal or commercial work. After a lot of experimentation, with various cameras, I find X-cameras to be exceptional for my way of working. As of August, 2013, I have been included in the Fujifilm X-Photographer program, an opportunity which gives me the chance to explore my photography through the use of these great cameras and lenses and to write objectively about my experiences with them.


Galleries and projects

Please rummage throughout this blog and the projects pages. There you will find examples of work photos as well as photography that is for sale. Enjoy and leave a comment or send a message.

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