Xposed (twice)

They pose. For each other. Not intentionally for me.
They linger. As they take in the sights. Sometimes. Long enough to appear. Twice.

They pose for each other. Never for me.
They become part of the sights. They have seen.

In a way. Unseen by them.
Tourists. Exposed. Twice.

NB: Shooting double exposures in camera is a particularly challenging and rewarding way to work. All photos were shot as one would with a film camera, first one exposure is made and immediately afterward the second exposure is captured over the first. These photos were not combined later using in-camera or computer software. Post processing is limited to adjusting exposure and converting to black and white.


  1. Your double exposures are done very nicely!

    Do you have any tips for someone wanting to start taking these with their X camera?

    1. Thanks. You can read some of my blog posts related to double exposures HERE. I continue to evolve my technique. At times I over expose the first shot and under expose the second. However, some times I keep the exposures the same and I don’t know if one is more successful than the other. Perhaps the best advise I can give is to shoot into the light for the first exposure, so that you have strong silhouettes against which to expose the second shot. Otherwise, enjoy yourself and experiment.

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