New year, new camera (Pt. 1)

Mamiya 645 Super

How many is too many?

This question can be asked of so many things. Here, I am referring to film cameras. Medium format film cameras. Last year I purchased a Fuji GW690 III. This year I bought a Mamiya 645 Super.

The Fuji produces eight 6 x 9 frames on a roll of 120 film. The Mamiya produces 15 6 x 4.5 frames on a roll. The 690 has a fixed lens, approximately 40mm equivalent in 35mm film terms. The 645 uses interchangeable lenses, including a pretty nice portrait lens, the 150mm f3.5.

I tried shooting with the GW690 in the studio, but the 645 is much better suited for that. The Mamiya also works better for long exposures. Given that I have used the Mamiya more in the last month than I did the Fuji all last year, I decided to put the Texas Leica up for sale. On the weekend, I threaded one last roll of Delta 400 into the beast. Tonight, I scanned half of the negs. Wow, it produces good results.

Hmmm. Are two medium format cameras too many?

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