ABOUT DON CRAIG photography

My name is Don Craig and I am an observational documentarian. I am also the photographer for the Province of British Columbia. In my spare time, I shoot freelance jobs and document life through personal photography projects.

In my lifetime, I have worked as a designer and art director at Adobe Systems, run my own design firm and lived, and sometimes worked, in California, Mexico and Germany. After the turn of the century, I landed in Victoria B.C.

I carry a camera a lot, in both my personal and work life. No matter what images I am capturing, I attempt to tell a story. Be it a corporate headshot, an opera performance or merely on-the-street “observational documentation,” there is a narrative hidden in the pixels or film grain. My goal is to make that evident, but not necessarily obvious.

Professional services

I document events, capture performances, create portraits, record architectural beauty and concoct savoury food images. And, I’m happy to say “yes” to nearly any photography challenge. Please contact me to discuss your photographic needs.


Please rummage throughout this blog and the portfolio pages. There you will find examples of work photos as well as photography that is for sale. Enjoy and leave a comment or send a message.