Since 2017, I have been documenting the work of Herowork, a non-profit organization that performs “radical renovations” for charitable organizations. These upgrades in infrastructure ensure that organizations can continue to provide vital services to the community. Each project runs on a tight budget, and lots and lots of volunteer labour. Trades professions volunteer for each project and help the less skilled general volunteers perform every type of task.


The Nazko region sits about two hours west of Quesnel, BC. It is an area surrounded for thousands of kilometers with forest land. Much of that land has been severely logged and/or destroyed by wildfires and disease. In an attempt to reforest the land, forestry companies hire young people to plant millions of trees each year.

Below are images captured as this diverse group of people do some of the most difficult work I have ever witnessed…


When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in B.C., the Provincial Health Office and local health authorities set in motion what would become the largest testing and vaccination operation ever seen in the province. I spent time in 2020 and 2021 documenting testing and vaccination sites…

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