October Light

Random acts of exposure.

The low-angled October light replenishes my desire to make images.

Making photos at this time of year can be particularly satisfying. When there is sun, it is rarely directly overhead. If there isn’t much sunlight, there are still interesting colours and shapes to capture.

Most of the images below were captured on weekends, often while doing other things. My X-Pro2 accompanied me to a beach cleanup, an abandoned coastal community, a charity apple pie celebration, picking quince where I really shouldn’t be and along the streets of the inner harbour.

Images capture with a Fujifilm X-Pro2, fronted with the XF35mm f/1.4 or new XF23mm f/2 lens. A note on the XF23mm f/2 lens: this lens has been fixed to my XP2 since I purchased it. It is great. No really. It is. Don’t have an X100 camera? Put this lens on your X-body and you will have a great street and all-around combo. In fact, it is way, way better than the f2 lens found on the X100 series. So, I am very happy to have the new XF23 f/2 lens and that my old XF23 f/1.4 found a new, very worthy home, in the process. Time for more low-angled, contrasty light!

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