Rückblick – a look at 2016

Places and faces captured on the job

Just cleaning up the work Lightroom catalog and ran across a few images from the past year. Some are of places I traveled to for work. Some are of the people at events I photographed. Some are of colleagues, sometimes working. The beginning of the year saw the first of many visits by our new PM. The end of Summer saw the week-long visit of a certain royal couple, kids in tow. The rest of the time, I was making portraits, documenting government events and seeing a fair bit of the province.

2016 was my tenth anniversary working in government communications with each year bringing an increased emphasis on photography and decreased time for graphic design.

While ein Rückblick is German for a look backward, now it’s time to look ahead (Vorausschauen). Should be interesting. I understand there is an election in the Spring.

Images captured with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-T2, fronted with a variety of Fujinon XF lenses.

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