Open season

Sunshine and buskers? The tourist have arrived.

May brings a shift in my lunchtime walk. The other day, the sun was casting shadows under a bright sky. Music drifted up from the inner harbour causeway. The streets were crowded (for Victoria) with visitors. That season is here. The tourist have arrived.

By August, I will tire of dodging large groups, aimlessly walking along the inner harbour. But, for now, it’s nice to have an increase in human density on the street. It’s nice to have new subjects for mid-day portraits.

Without over thinking the reason for shooting these images, I present a little observational documentation, a few portraits of the first tourist to hit our shores.

NB: JPEGs captured with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 fronted with the XF23mm f/2 Fujicron, using the Acros Y-filter film simulation.

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