Tilt. Shift.

Trying to find “normal”


It’s been a few months since our world has tilted. Life has changed a lot for many people and certainly a little for everyone. I remain thankful for many aspects of my life, however it isn’t possible to ignore most of these changes.


We hear calls for a return to “normal.” To going back to how things were B.C. (before COVID). I would certainly like to be able to do many things that we currently can’t, however I don’t want everything the way it was. The way it was helped create our current situation. And as we are finding through this pandemic, many vulnerable people are suffering the most now. “Normal” has not been very good for them and this is an opportunity to shift our priorities, to help those who are currently being hit the hardest.

There are other ways life and priorities might shift. I certainly enjoyed having fewer cars on the road; I felt much safer early in the pandemic as a pedestrian and a cyclist. Ironic that we all seem to be relying more on our cars in the past couple of months, to help keep us physically distant.

Public funding could shift away from ”normal” to better serve the needs of more people and away from helping corporations. We didn’t budget for the pipeline, did we?

All of this amidst the turmoil surrounding police violence against BIPOC and systemic racism worldwide. There is a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming.

All of these thoughts had been colliding when I received a comment on an Instagram post about some Tilt + Shift photography. That comment made me realize that I have been reserving this type of photography for my mental health breaks. I have been making Tilt + Shift photos on my time away from work in such a way that really defines “selective focus.” Consciously or not, T+S photography has become a shift in focus for me away from a tilted world.


NB: Images captured with either the Fujifilm X-Pro3 fronted with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI lens or the GFX 50S fronted with a Mamiya 150mm f/3.5 Sekor lens. In both cases, the lenses are mounted on Tilt + Shift adapters.



  1. Wonderful, thought provoking photographs. Some remind me of how often I focus on what I want to see and not the world around me; and they all make me wonder what’s out there that I don’t see.

    1. Thanks Robin. I guess I’m trying to really focus on one thing and let (hope?) everything else is very out of focus. In the photo and otherwise…

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