Tilt. Shift.

Trying to find “normal”

It’s been a few months since our world has tilted. Life has changed a lot for many people and certainly a little for everyone. I remain thankful for many aspects of my life, however it isn’t possible to ignore most of these changes.

One respite, as always, is to pick up a camera and make new image and alter reality a bit. In this case, I have adapted legacy lenses with tilt+shift adapters, allowing me to control (to a certain extent) selective focus.

Below are some images that reflect my recent tilts and shifts…

NB: Images captured with either a Fujifilm GFX50S or X-Pro3, fronted with tilt+sift adapters and legacy lenses.  

4 responses to “Tilt. Shift.”

  1. Wonderful, thought provoking photographs. Some remind me of how often I focus on what I want to see and not the world around me; and they all make me wonder what’s out there that I don’t see.

    • Thanks Robin. I guess I’m trying to really focus on one thing and let (hope?) everything else is very out of focus. In the photo and otherwise…

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