Water. Water. Everywhere.

Respite in a pandemic

As this extraordinary year comes to a close, I realize that I have been posting a lot of work-related photos and commentary here. This is in part because that is primarily what life has been about and because we haven’t travelled far from our own city. However, this year has not just been about work.

As I review my personal images from the past months, a strong theme emerges. That theme is that I spend most of my free time on the water or near the water’s edge. As is evident from previous posts, I make lots and lots of images along the shoreline and, increasingly, I make a fair number of images while paddling the coastal waters around Victoria.

Being on or around the water provides me with inspiration, respite and a sense of well being that seems particularly necessary at the end of 2020.

Below is a selection of images that I enjoyed making over the past few months. I hope that you enjoy reviewing them and that you have a very safe and healthy New Year.

Oh. And please wear a mask. Thanks.

NB: All of these images were capture with one Fujifilm camera or another. Land-based images were likely captured with the X-Pro3 or GFX 50S and a variety of lenses. Some Fujinon lenses and some vintage glass fronted those cameras (Nikkor for the X-Pro3 and Mamiya for the GFX). On-the-water images were captured with either the XF10 or the X-T2 in waterproof housings.

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