The end

And around the corner…

After 15 years, I am moving on. Today was my last day working for the Government of BC. Now it’s time to focus more on the seasonal changes of life and nature, and to spend a lot less time paying attention to the political calendar.

For my photography, my hope is that this means a continued exploration of fine art and abstracted images, with a few commercial gigs on the side. To that end, I am moving toward a more commercial website and I am keeping the blog as a sideline of that site. I do plan to post here further, as inspiration or curiosity strike.

Please be sure to explore the other parts of the site. More changes are planned, once I get back from that next paddle…

NB: A few images captured during the last few years of my work with government, almost certainly with Fujifilm X-cameras and Fujinon XF-lenses. Many images were captured pre-pandemic, hence the lack of masks. Pandemic images were captured in controlled environments, where speakers/participants didn’t need to have one on. The rest of us did.

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