Winter journal

Quotidian street seen

Now that am no longer shooting for work on a daily basis, I attempt to capture daily life somewhat regularly. This takes the form of wandering with a camera and capturing what appeals. At times, I go out with intent. I may collect only abstract, colourful urban details. Of I will shoot with a tilt+shift adapter or an infrared filter, to alter what I am seeing.

This practice is, well, practise. Heading out with a camera on a nearly daily basis is the best way for me to practise seeing. Which inevitably is a benefit when I am shooting commercially or fine art.

Below you will find some images captured during the early months of 2022, in and around southern Vancouver Island.

NB: All images captured with either a Fujifilm X-Pro3, X100F or GFX50S and fronted with Fujinon or legacy lenses.

6 responses to “Winter journal”

  1. Powerful, emotive images. Your photography continues to evolve and impress. Lovely!

  2. Nice images. I especially like the solid color more graphic design shots, but also the latter black and whites. It’s nice isn’t it to step away from a daily grind (formerly newspaper myself) and take the time to create images that resonate personally and not fulfilling someone else’s supposition of what an image should depict. Looking for warmer temps here to get out more and see something other than brown. jerry

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