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Paddling photography

I last posted some of my paddling photos in May 2020. Since then I have continued to make photos from the water and I have expanded how I paddle and shoot. However, my goal remains the same.

I generally paddle without any photographic objective and just look for something interesting to shoot and paddle my way there. This approach tends to make for some surprising images and helps keep me fit.

Most everything on or around the water interests me, from sweeping seascapes to small details I find along the way. Last Fall, I happened upon a Humpback whale, that swam toward me and then below me on its way to open water. I also occasionally shoot for a local SUP rental and tour company, capturing images of their tours. However, it doesn’t take much to get me on the water with a camera.

Currently, I am using my old X-T2 or an X100F for paddling photos. The X-T2 allows me to use longer focal length lenses, such as the XF50mm f/2 and the XF90mm f/2. Of course, the X100F has an 23mm f/2 fixed lens, giving me a fairly wide view.

I usually pick one of the two cameras to take with me on the water, unless I am shooting a paying job, where I want to have both the 23mm and 90mm lenses available.

Since May 2020, I also upgraded my boat when I purchased the small and maneuverable Delta 14, which is a great photography platform and very fun to paddle. I also use my SUP for paddling photography, which is very stable, but not as versatile as the kayak.

Below are some images captured, while paddling the local Salish Sea, near Victoria. Paddling gives me the opportunity to make different types of images from those I can make on land and photography from my kayak, gets me on the water, which is always good for me. Or perhaps, it’s the other way around…

NB: As mentioned above, all images where captured with either the Fujifilm X-T2, fronted with the XF50mm f/2 or XF90mm f/2 lenses, or the X100F. I also want to acknowledge my great paddling partner Shiela, who helps get me out on the water and frequently provides me with a picturesque subject.

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