Dripping Cones

Summertime in my city

It’s full-blown Summer here in Victoria. It being August means that the inner harbour is filled with tourist. Combine the tourist with the hot weather and it’s prime time for capturing people enjoying ice cream. At least, that is was what I discovered while out during my lunch break this week.

Over the past few days I made a concerted effort to make photos during the middle of the day. Doing my best tourist imitation, camera hung from my neck and strolling aimlessly, I went in search of photo prey. Using the XF18mm and XF14mm lenses on the X-Pro 2,  I approached subjects near and far, young and old. And, a surprising number were eating ice cream. Seeing a theme developing here, I thought that I would share a few of those photos, along with a few images without any dripping confections.

Images captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 fronted with either the XF18mm f2 or XF14mm f2.8 lenses.


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