A different view in the tourist corridor

Tourist season is in full swing in Victoria. And tourist have long been the subject of my lunchtime observational documentation around the inner harbour, the hub of activity for visitors to the capital.

Recently, the demolition of one block along Government Street, at the beginning of the inner harbour, has changed the landscape for the tourists and provided me with an interesting juxtaposition of tourist and this (de)construction site. Instead of having scenic harbour views and hanging flowers to gaze upon, visitors are actively enthralled by the noisy activities or passively bemused as they stroll past.

Alas, this activity has negatively impacted the local business, who rely upon tourist lingering and spending in their establishments. But, hey, if you can afford the top price of $11 Million for a penthouse, you probably won’t be too concerned with those poor businesses down at street level.


NB: All images captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 fronted with the Fujicron XF23mm f/2 lens.

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