Edge of the earth

Newfoundland journal: Fogo Island

According to the Flat Earth Society, Fogo Island is one corner of the (flat) earth. In many ways, standing on the landwash of Fogo does make you feel like you are standing on the edge of the world. Looking in the right direction, an unbroken horizon stretches endlessly. Of course, we all know that the earth isn’t really flat…

What isn’t in dispute is that Fogo is uncommonly beautiful and fascinating. With the building of the Fogo Island Inn and the establishment of Fogo Island Arts, unique architecture dots the island, creating some fantastic visuals. Fantastic if you like that sort of thing. I do!

The images below were captured over a short stay on the island. I would have gladly spent more time making images there. It is just asking to be photographed.


NB: All images captured with the Fujifilm GFX 50S, fronted with the GF32-64mm f/4 and GF100-200mm f/5.6 lenses.

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