24 hours

Newfoundland journal: Elliston and Trinity

Puffins, whales and icebergs are iconic visual representations of Newfoundland. You can’t avoid seeing images, merchandise and even beer, that somehow reference one of those three things when you visit the province. Sometimes, all three.

We travelled to Newfoundland too late to see icebergs, as it was high Summer there. And due to limited accommodations and long travel distances, we came very close to not seeing any puffins or whales. Well, at least not close up. Fortunately, we changed our plans and opted to return to the the Bonavista peninsula for one more day, which resulted in a truly magical 24-hour period.

This collection of images was captured on the evening of one day and during the subsequent morning. I am still astonished at our good fortune to get to see and photograph these amazing creatures.


NB: All images captured with the Fujifilm GFX 50S, fronted with the GF100-200mm f/5.6 lens. I attached the GF1.4X teleconverter for the puffin photos. During the three hours of photographing the whales from an open boat, it bucketed rain. The GFX and lens were totally unfazed by the weather. Unlike me.

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