The mundane

Newfoundland journal: Artistic influences

Newfoundland. It is a long way to go when you live on the west coast of Canada (It’s closer to Paris than Victoria). And it’s less expensive to fly nearly anywhere else. So why go to the trouble?

In part, Ned Pratt.

Ned is a St. John’s-based fine art and commercial photographer whose work really resonates with me. Seeing Ned’s work for the first time was revelatory for me. I appreciate his vision and immediately saw a connection between what he captures on his coast of Canada with my own attempts at observational documentation. So, Ned is partly responsible for my sweetie and I going to Newfoundland.

While in St. John’s, I had the good fortune to chat with Ned about his work. In simple terms, he describes it as capturing the mundane. It is certainly more complex and subtle than that. His images abstract the landscape while making it concretely of that place. It is impressive to see large and in person.

So thanks Ned. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for the chat. And, thanks for being at least partially responsible for our decision to travel to your far off island.


Mundane selfie

NB: Nearly all images captured with the Fujifilm GFX 50S, fronted with a variety of lenses. I did sneak one image in that was captured with the X-Pro2. Ned’s portrait made in the Rocket Bakery with the GF63mm f/2.8 lens. I would also like to thank fellow Fujifilm X-photographer Spencer Wynn, whose advise on where to travel in Newfoundland was instrumental in making our trip so fantastic. Thanks Spencer!

2 responses to “The mundane”

  1. Craig, Very nice images. I too like the obvious and sometimes overlooked scenes because they are so “obvious”. But again, one person’s ceiling is another’s floor. jerry

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